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The extensive experience gained over the years in numerous companies from different sectors, size and markets allows us to now offer our services, both national and international companies as well as subsidiary foreign companies and in areas of application in different countries around the world (France, Uk, USA, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, China, ...)
Our fields of application are:

  • Financial executive or strategic management
  • Controlling
  • General administration of the company.

And our objectives follow the general scheme:

  • Information reliability
  • Opportunities and risks Forecast
  • Planning alternatives and solutions
  • Decision taking


Outsourcing of financial management:
Overall management of the financial department coordinating the internal or external team, reporting and analyzing data and proposing solutions to the opportunities and risks ahead. The position may involve also the management at an international level of the Department and the participation in the management committees.
Buying and selling of companies:
AAdvice on the valuation of companies for their sale and/or purchase following financial methods and participation during the process of negotiation.
Credit lines and finance:
Research of new capital according to the needs detected and direct negotiation with potential new partners or investors: financial institutions, private equity, family offices, Government subsidies, ...
Due dilligence.
Accounting audits: to detect inconsistencies, risks and other circumstances and alleviating so asymmetries or informational deficits.


Management of support or full management control Department for tasks of controlling:

  • Calculation of retail price
  • Preparation and evaluation of Feasibility Plans and Business projects (Business plan)
  • Cost sheets and unit margins
  • Gross Margins by cost center (departments, customers, projects,)
  • Analytical result accounts by cost center (departments, customers, projects,)
  • Investments optimization
  • Results on projects or investments
  • Group Results Consolidation of companies


Financial and administrative department creation and control in order to ensure timely and truthful information.
Consolidation of financial statements between different accounting systems: USGAAP and NIC
Análisis de los modeles organizativos.
Organizational models analysis
Procedure and instruction establishment.
Administrative circuits control