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The Company

More and more companies need to be able to make more flexible their costs as a function of their particular status and the overall evolution of the market to adjust, and ensure benefits to shareholders. Under this premise, in Estudis D’Hom we want to give an alternative in areas where outsourcing is complicated by its proximity to the decision-making process by offering outsourced positions close to the general management and involved in the decision-making process for companies which convert fix to variable cost is attractive.

Estudis D’Hom is specialist in the management of small or medium-sized enterprises, of national or international scope, and specializes on outsourced financial management solutions for the business unit.
Our work takes place within the company, working directly with the management in the decision-making process, from the organization, the study and the realization of the necessary reports for the proper structure and functioning as well as participant especially in strategic and operational decision making.



The strategy of Estudis D’Hom is based on 3 core pillars of our work and key’s for your satisfaction and guarantee:

Effectiveness ein our actions to give added value to the service. Both for the dedicated time to complete as well as the methodology used.
Fluid and sincere communication directly with the involved employees in order to ensure the expected results.

The quality of our organization depends directly on the confidence we generate with our deal, in the service we provide and the results we offer. And this trust rests on two points:

Ensuring the competence on actions according to the capabilities. We do only accept tasks when we have the capabilities, and if we can't help directly, we'll help you to find another professional.

Discretion and confidentiality: We are fully aware that in the development of our work we treat highly sensitive information and we have to help you make decisions with many implications. That's the reason of our written professional guarantee, as well as a proven experience of more than 10 years without any issue about it, of discretion and confidentiality


The experience tells us that it is not to get reports, but to find solutions.
your goals, putting the emphasis on anticipation of risks and planning actions.
And along the way help you to take decisions that finally will make visible the results of our management with the achievement of the objectives forecasted.